Month: February 2019

Take a chill pill in Lahore’s heat with these ice-cold treats

Summer deaths have occurred, and it’s a long-term issue as temperatures and humidity rise. Without Wheezing, it would seem that the best way to get rid of calories (and sweat) is to suffer from this. Fortunately, Pictures decided to take a quick look at the city’s best food and ice cream. Cookie Dough Cup from ….  Read More

Hegemony unhinged

NARENDRA Modi BJP government has launched a backlash for a new issue, which it may not have had before. The defeated people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are currently in the midst of complete unification, and are facing new pressures on their fundamental rights, including the right to life. Pakistan-India relations have deteriorated and Islamabad ….  Read More

A tepid response

India’s Kashmir-led crisis may have its global consequences, but the world has not responded to Pakistan’s urgent guidance because things have to be settled. Instead of being criticized altogether, there is a difficult language. In other countries, other countries, notably the United States and the United Arab Emirates, have brought India’s misconceptions away and removed ….  Read More

Feminists condemn men’s remarks about marrying Kashmiri women

New Delhi: Women’s rights activists have attacked men online from India.They express their interest in marrying women from Kashmir after abruptly abolishing private rights in disputed territories, making them more attractive. Until this week, the inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir, the majority of them were Muslims, with the right to own certain things by the ….  Read More

No phone calls, no groceries: occupied Kashmir on edge under lockdown

SRINAGAR: Many government troops are marching on Kashmir under the guidance of India armed. Roads on both sides of the road are open spaces, and metal barriers and drainage lines cut off their neighbors. People were often silent without knowing them. Just in time for Thursday to talk a little, a popular self-defense tactic kicked ….  Read More

Trump flirts with currency war in an escalating conflict with China

Washington: Thursday’s President Donald Trump is about to launch a military coup over escalating tensions with China and says he is not satisfied with the strong dollar. Trump officials have enacted more stringent rules, including offering tariffs on all Chinese goods since September 1, and accusing Beijing of making money for their own benefit. Trump ….  Read More

Traders postpone strike call after talks with FBR chief

Islamabad: The Federal Toll Committee (FBR) assured investors on Thursday that it would not act on the information provided between CNIC and September 30. After the FBR ordered the transfer of CNIC during the sale and purchase of the goods, the seller announced the eviction. Speaking to Dawn, Pakistan’s Anjuman Tajaran President Ajeral Baloch said ….  Read More

ECC moves to revamp gas price incentives for export sector

Islamabad: The Joint Committee on Economic Cooperation Council (ECC) on Thursday approved a tariff barrier to lower oil prices at $ 6.5 per ounce for exports, and also mandated the proper definition of export sectors to avoid government spending. The ECC Summit, chaired by the Prime Minister of Finance and Taxation, also proposed setting a ….  Read More

Girl ‘denies rape by MPA’ in her statement before a magistrate

MULTAN: On Thursday, a few days ago, a girl who had accused Jahanian in the MPL-N Punjab parliament for raping and abducting her made her statement before the governor. Meanwhile, Bahauddin Zakariya police have also filed charges against the MPA for fear that the girls might be kidnapped by lawmakers. “The girl who came with ….  Read More

SC rejects review plea of a man convicted of stabbing girl student

Islamabad: A Supreme Court has rejected a petition on Thursday requesting to review its verdict on January 23 to resume five years in prison from Shah Hussain, the Lahore assembly judge on March 30 last year. On May 3, 2016, Shah Hussain whipped his friend Khadija Siddiqui 23 times near Shimla Mountain in Lahore and ….  Read More