Karachi: A group of Sri Lankan cricketers went to the Central Police on Wednesday and met with police chief Dr. Kaleem Imam to discuss the safety of the upcoming Karachi National Stadium.

The five-member delegation was led by Sri Lankan Secretary-General Mohand Sylva.

A team of five members of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), chaired by international cricket director Zakir Khan, also attended the meeting.

The Sindh Minister of the Interior, the Sri Lankan Ambassador and other Ranger officials and police attended the meeting.

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The summit also highlighted the security strategy, tactics and general ideas about cricket between Pakistan and Sri Lanka, which will be held in the metropolis next month.

IGP tells participants that rules and rules are better than in the past.

He said that after the September 11th incident in the United States, Pakistan still maintained unstable and evil laws and practices, but after intense action by law enforcement agencies such as the armed forces, police and rangers, security has not only improved, but also the public. Confidence has improved.

He assured the Sri Lanka Cricket Committee that they would provide sports protection in accordance with the international rules of the sports team.

The director of the Karachi Police Department, Ghulam Nabi Memon, told his delegation that the city police are working hard to maintain law and order.

DIG East Amir Farooqi told the students about the cricket match plan and said that the team’s safety will be monitored from the airport to the stadium through a supervised and supervised position, while smokers will be placed on the roof of the house.

Other important security measures include police patrols and roundabouts entering the stadium, he added, monitoring electronic information cards and passenger cars as part of the system.

He also said that the security services of the Pakistani Super League and the West Indies women’s team were highly appreciated by the world.

DIG driver Javed Mahar told the meeting about the plan to make traffic easier during the game.

Ranger Brigadier General Shafiq tells participants about the way the leadership team can achieve peace in the game.

A police spokesperson said that Sri Lanka’s cricket team’s De Silva is satisfied with all security measures.

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