Islamabad: Foreign Minister Fermida Mirza of the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IPC) confirmed on Friday that the upcoming National Games does not include basketball and boxing, and more women participate in international and foreign competitions. future

An IPC official met with various senior federal officials at the Pakistan Sports Bureau headquarters. He said he would discuss the issue with the Pakistan Olympics, including the basketball and boxing competitions at the National Games in Peshawar in October.

In December, sports officials told Asian athlete Fermi Mirza to participate in Nepal, but added that the lack of female coaches and coaches prevented women athletes from preparing for major competitions.

The Ministry assured women sports officials that soon women coaches and coaches will have time to train women sports professionals at the Pakistan Sports Centre.

This issue is being carried out in BC

Also present at the meeting were IPC Secretary General Akbar Durrani and PSB Director General Arif Ibrahim.

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