UN ambassador Antonio Guterres urged India on Thursday “not to take steps that would affect the status of Jammu and Kashmir.”

“The role of the United Nations in the region is governed by the UN Charter and the recommendations of the Security Council,” it said.

“The Secretary-General has recalled the India-Pakistan-Pakistan-Pakistan agreement, also known as the Shimla Treaty, which says that Jammu and Kashmir’s final position will be settled peacefully according to the” UN Charter. “

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According to the spokeswoman, the Secretary-General is also concerned about Kashmir’s banned reports from India, which would “promote human rights in the region”.

Earlier this week, India’s patriotic government cleared the disputed territories, which raised concerns in South Asia and saw the security zones closed by security forces.

Since Monday, Kashmir’s internet connection has been cut, and government officials are afraid they will reach their deadline when they announce it.

The Prime Minister of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi fired on the president on Monday to step down the position of Muslim majority. The Parliament of India has also enacted legislation that divides the government into two parts.

Modi said Islamabad used the special honor “as a weapon against the country, provoked the interest of some people” and criticized the Indian government.

Thousands have been killed in a 30-year revolt in Kashmir. India and Pakistan have fought two wars in the Himalayas.

The BJP government deprives Kashmiri of the right to self-determination
On Monday, the ruling party of India’s Bharatiya Janata Party released Kashmiri independence for 70 years through a coup d’etat. The curfew that kicked off on Thursday was set for Kashmir, and the elected leader was arrested.

In resolving article 370 of the Constitution, people from other parts of India now have the right to have a place in Kashmir residence and settle there. Opponents of Kashmiris and the state-led government of India believe that the move seeks to abolish the relationship between many Kashmir Muslims and Hindu people.

In addition, India’s Minister of Interior Amit Shah, who is also the President of the People’s Party, suggested that the government divide the country into two coalitions – one with Jammu and Kashmir and Parliament, and the other with Ladakh – directly. New Delhi author. The money was sent.

Pakistan strongly opposes this move and vows to “take all possible steps to counter the illegal measures India is taking.” President Arif Alvi called for a joint meeting, and Prime Minister Imran set up a central committee to shape the future of the issue in Kashmir.

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