Islamabad: Foreign Minister Shah Mohamed tweeted on Thursday that Pakistan is still committed to completing and opening the Qatarpur portal. Although its relationship with India has deteriorated after Kashmir’s presence, its support for promoting peace in Afghanistan remains a concern. The result.

He spoke at a joint meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) after deciding to reduce India’s bilateral ties and oust its High Commissioner, suspend bilateral work, review bilateral arrangements, and report the matter to the UN Security Council and the UN Security Council. August 14th, Independence Day and Kashmir and India Independence Day on August 15th as the Opening Day of Independence Day.

The pressure on Mr. Qureshi is like an interpretation of the steps that the National Security Council has stopped to take care of the chaos of these elections.

In the Kartarpur Corridor, he said that in Pakistan, the project was still underway because the country respects all religions and adds that it is from Pakistan and does not impede access to the people. The idea. . “We have no art or theater,” he added.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs urged the Sikhs in India to ask the government if they would continue the process or repeat it. “We are ready to welcome our Sikh brothers and sisters to celebrate the 550th birthday of Father Gurunak,” he added.

Qureshi said that Pakistan’s chances of peace in Afghanistan were not affected by the degree of internal conflict in India.

Pakistan and India began construction of visa-free businesses in November last year. Islamabad has said that the cabinet undermines its credibility with New Delhi, and India is ready to accept it. Pakistan builds four kilometers long from the border to Gurdwara at Kartarpur Sahib, while India builds and manufactures a caravan from Dera Baba Nanak in Gurdaspur district in eastern Punjab to the international border. The construction of the grant coincides with the 550th anniversary of the birth of the first Sikh father Gurunanak in November this year.

Pakistan and India are believed to have made significant progress before collapsing the agreement in the negotiation process.

Foreign Minister Qureshi said the unilateral exchange between the two countries was ongoing. However, what he said was in contravention of the suspension of Samjhota Express – a two-way transit project between India and Pakistan. He raised the question that his claims regarding the government were not in line with the government’s suspension of railway operations.

He added that Pakistan’s response to the Indian Kashmir operation is in the political, political and legal sectors, not the military. “The first line of defense is offensive, and Pakistan is using the line,” he determined.

The Qureshi seized the opportunity to warn that India could make false flags in the Kashmir region, disrupt the world in violation of human rights and provide support for the repression of innocent Kashmiris in their landless occupation. An excuse.

In his remarks by Prime Minister Imran Khan he urged the army to be vigilant. He also said that Pakistan is vigilant and is taking steps to prevent hostilities due to the influx of Indian soldiers.

When asked if the decline in the relationship meant that the communication function was low, he said that the size of the communication function could be reduced and that diplomats could be restricted.

Responding to a question about Pakistan’s ability to weaken relations, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it would only happen if New Delhi reviewed its lead in Islamabad elections. “This is not an option, it should be two-way,” he said.

Qureshi said that Pakistan’s chances of peace in Afghanistan were not affected by the degree of internal conflict in India. He also pointed out that the idea of ​​stopping trade with India is limited to Pakistan-India trade, while trade in Afghanistan through Wagga has continued.

International response

Prophet of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Dr Mohamed Faisal tweeted at a weekly press conference that he expects the world to join Pakistan and criticize India’s action against Kashmir. “We hope the international community will support us. We support the people of Jammu and Kashmir unanimously, no matter what happens,” he said, asking the people to patiently wait for the other countries to respond.

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