Islamabad: The government plans on Thursday to prioritize the security and development of Balochistan, which is “ignored” by governments in succession.

The decision was presented at the first meeting of the Senior National Development Council (NDC), chaired by Prime Minister Iran Khan. Chief of Staff of Gen Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, one of the commissioners, also attended the meeting.

According to journalists released by the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the meeting discussed Balochistan’s development plan, the Gwadar Master Plan, the establishment of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Authority, and the development plan for 2019-20. Federally Managed Regions.

Details of Balochistan’s development plans, including measures to improve the security of the region, especially border management, the establishment of opportunities and the development of key elements in the development of the region’s culture.

The National Data Center was launched in June of this year.

The meeting was informed that Balochistan’s recent neglect, lack of coordination and economic integration, security problems and impunity and ineffective management have contributed to the region’s deterioration. A study on the use of the development budget over the past eight years shows that about 45% of development spending in the region is wasted due to theft.

It has decided to do everything possible to increase Balochistan’s annual budget over a nine-year period, enabling the region to tackle development problems, reduce deficits and increase its revenue.

The meeting was said to conclude that the completion of the M-8 project, the construction of the 819-km Chaman-Quetta-Karachi Expressway, the Basima-Khuzdar Highway and the 124 km Awaran-Bela Highway would play a major role in linking the construction in Balochistan. The National Data Center has agreed to conduct a comprehensive survey of the Gardani port and establish a unique economic center for the area.

The meeting also acknowledged the role of the National Coastal Development Authority to promote tourism and promote tourist destinations in Balochistan, including Jiwani, Gwadar, Pasni, Makola, Ormara, Kund Malir, Hingol Park and Miani Hor.

As for the development of the port, the meeting approved the idea of ​​constructing a total of eight ports to boost the shipping capacity, including the supply of 10,000 green ships.

In order to develop mines and mines in Balochistan, the Council has been informed that the district is divided into four zones – Chagai, Quetta-Duki, Khuzdar-Lasbella and coastal areas – and has set up appropriate types of public investment to a large extent. Mines.

With regard to the development of the oil and gas sector, the meeting was informed that efforts had been made to develop four new facilities – Zhob, Zorgarh, Jandran and Kohlu – for the exploration and exploration of wetlands in 30 coastal areas.

The conference has also outlined the goals of improving agriculture and water management in Balochistan. It agreed that the CPEC Authority should ensure that the project has been completed.

In discussing Gwadar’s development and planning for all urban areas, the conference approved the Gwadar Special Economic Zone plan.

The meeting also discussed Fata’s most successful 10-tier plan. The council reaffirmed the commitment of the Federal Government to ensure the availability of funds, temporary release and special procurement arrangements by specialized agencies (Pakistan National Engineering Service, Border Engineering Organization and National Highway Administration), as well as regulating NGOs. Incorporate areas to achieve smooth and stable development of tribal areas.

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