QuETTA: The Balochistan government decided to negotiate with the Sindh government immediately for the water crisis.

At a joint meeting of members of the Baluchistan branch in the Nasirabad office, the legislative delegation whose president Jam Kamal Khan Alyani met with the Sindh Prime Minister.

The meeting hosted by the CM also decided to move to the government so that the Balochistan government can reclaim its Indus territory from the Indus River under the Water Supply Agreement.

He decided to discuss the issue at a meeting of the Common Interest Council.

Former Prime Minister are MPA Jan Mohammad Jamali, MPA Yar Mohammad Rind, Governor Tariq Magsi, Mir Omar Khan Jamali, Mir Saleem Khan Khosa, Mir Mohammad Khan Lehri and Mir Sikandar Ali Umrani, Deputy Secretary Dr. Akhtar Nazeer and Commissioner of the Nasirabad Department met.

Islamabad will also accept part of the Indus

The meeting discussed the water shortage in Nasirabad and discussed ways to address the issue.

Irrigation department officials brought the Pat feeder Canal, the Khirthar Canal and the Kachhi Canal to the meeting. They say water availability in the Pat Feeder Canal has been reduced by 900 feet while farmers and farmers are facing a serious water crisis.

The meeting was informed that the shores of the Pat Feeder Canal in Sindh had been seized by the Mafia group. The canal is flooded with mud, resulting in dehydration and debris in Balochistan.

The source was told that in the Pat Feeder Canal in Kashmore, the tunnel had been disassembled, causing liver and other diseases in Nasirabad state.

The meeting thought that the Balochistan government would soon change, repair and replace livestock drainage through its own resources and ordered the irrigation department to make a positive approach in this regard.

The council decided to change the administration of the Kherther Canal on the border and engage in discussions with the Sindh government on the issue.

The council approved the construction of two houses on the Kachhi Canal and the Pat feeder Canal.

He also decided to join the government to complete the first phase and begin the second and third phases of the Kachhi River.

Alyani confirmed the discussion that their government will solve the water crisis in the Nasirabad branch and take steps to provide assistance to farmers and farmers.

He also said that the Nasirabad Commissioner would take immediate action after consulting with major farmers.

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