Islamabad: Estimates of foreign assets from Pakistan are being blamed on Thursday by Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and other Pakistani officials against the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), ranging from $ 200 billion to $ 5 billion due to the high level of political leadership , the protection of sugar shareholders from using their own pricing strategies.

Political ideas were discussed at a meeting of the National Assembly Standing Committee, former leader Asad Umar.

Shabbar Further, chairman of the Federal Council for Income (FBR), and Ashfak Ahmed, the country’s chief tax officer, said Pakistan would receive more information about Pakistanis abroad after signing an agreement with the OECD (OECD). Wealth is based on information from 41 countries and vice versa.

More said the government would exchange this with 80 countries by December 31 this year. He also said that the 378 top Pakistanis on the list had a global economy of about 5 billion – about 78% of the total wealth.

Ashfaq said that cases involving $ 100,000 or more account for about 3.44% of these figures, but only about 94.37% of the total surety account.

The hidden wealth outside Pakistan is said to be shrinking from $ 200 billion to $ 5 billion.

An FBR official said the total cost involved could be around $ 7 billion.

When Assad Omar asked what he had done for the 378 big fish that appear to have left 80% of the total, the FBR spokesman said that about 115 such people received a tribute tax last year, as well as 72 people this year. After 19 years of making a tax of Rs 1.64 billion, they lost him, while 888 million were made.

The NA committee was informed that about 1,980 people had been received and 453 had been notified. The taxpayers completed the investigation of the remaining 1,527 cases as of August 31. All Pakistan’s 152,000 wealthy assets and accounts were received. Asked how many had paid the tax, the FBR team said it could respond within two days, the deadline for filing the report lasted until August 8.

Better said there are also many restrictions on information received under the OECD Convention, because the names are the same, the address is wrong, etc. The call for all nations to agree to share everything. He explained that so far, the UAE has not disclosed all information about the Pakistani economy, but is working with the authorities to break the UAE’s barriers to not sharing Ikama’s information – treating them as citizens.

PPP’s Nafisa Shah says if foreign goods are $ 5 billion, then PTI’s owners say that about $ 200 billion worth of goods outside Pakistan are wrong and you wonder how many of these funds were brought in line with what the ruling party is doing. Off to Pakistan.

Omar said $ 200 billion is not for PTI, but former Finance Minister Ishaq Dar reported it in Parliament.

The Pakistan Competition Commission (CCP) told the group that sugar prices have risen by 26 percent (15 rupees per kilogram) last year, and the sugar mill has gained three quarters of cartelization and integration in past investigations.

In an interview with Omar, the CCP reviewed the union’s tariffs, including ethanol and electricity trading, as these are the sectors where the profits are most profitable due to the slowdown, its chairman and members explained that the coin is not taught in the sugar market, but recommended that the cost of sugarcane subsidies depending on the weight but on the content of the sucrose.

Mr Omar said there was no reason to raise the price of sugar.

Nafisa Shah said that since the highest political leadership is overseen by the ATM of the sugar factory (CCF), the CCP is not involved in the corruption and price cuts in the sugar factory. He added: “This will never be investigated.”

Meanwhile, Mr Omar joked that it was common knowledge that the sugar sector had already done research in 2009 and complained about why nothing had happened in the next 10 years.

Sha said the ATM’s of sugar machines have been on the right and left of all party leaders, including the former prime minister.

Mr Omar said he had raised the issue of ATMs in his party, and after 10 years of service to the PTI government, the CCP is investigating the matter. “We’ve taken action on the budget and raised the way,” he said, asking Mrs Sha to bring up some questions related to the issue, and her team could stand for this.

The Shah agreed to enact the legislature in the National Assembly, but wants to know what it will take.

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