Islamabad: The failure of Parliament has not weakened the opposition of the opposition to the government because of the crucial vote by Sadik Sanguilani leader last week. The failure of Parliament did not weaken the opposition of the opposition to the government because they wanted to pass a new one. Moving to her, the dawn has learned.

Opponents said a link is made between different leaders to complete the plan.

He added that if this could be discussed at the requested meeting, then the rules governing the bill should be changed to address any issue. He also said that the timing of this move would be decided after full consultation.

Former president of the country Asif Ali Zardari reiterated the funeral in a futile interview with the media on Wednesday and that according to the rules, no movement was banned at some point after the first failed attempt. The flow of confidence. He added that there were plans to introduce a disbelief to the Senate Chairman again.

If it fails, the idea of ​​all the doubts of the Speaker of Parliament or the Vice-President will not be up to three months prior. “But the Senate has no such legislation,” Mr. Zardar. After Rahbar’s anti-government commission finally passed the resolution, the Joint Opponents presented the decision to the Senate Chairman, who passed a resolution in response to a second recommendation by the Senate. PTI and its affiliates.

The Senate met on August 1 and held two unanimous demonstrations against Barrister Mohammad Ali Saif of the MQM.

About 64 opposition members voted in this way in Parliament, calling for Sanjrani’s confidence, but in secret ballots, only 50 of the voting readers voted in favor of the resolution. According to a source, the five votes were declared inappropriate and were deliberately filed with the wrong seal. According to sources, four of them were listed in two boxes – one in favor and the other in opposition to the ruling. Even so, because the opposition has only three votes, the Sanganiani can be included.

While critics have accused the government of running a horse trade and blaming its members, in terms of selling their lives with these members, the government said some of the opposition’s blind voters had voted in private to vote in secret. The two opposition parties had set up an independent committee to review their position if their leaders did not believe it.

PML-N Secretary-General Ahsan Iqbal made this comment in a media briefing after failing to protest that he had changed the rules to revoke the requirements for secret ballots.

However, the issue is not expected at a Joint Opposition Rahbar Committee meeting on Friday (today).

“The committee has one point – what is going on in Kashmir – but the government has changed this by arresting PML-N Deputy Mayor Maryam Nawaz.

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