Islamabad: Islamabad decided on Thursday to suspend the Samjhauta summit between Pakistan and India as part of a plan to remove Delhi’s independence from Kashmir.

Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed announced the news at a press conference of the National Press Club. “Before the order was passed, the Samjhauta Express carriers were transported to the Wagha border and India was asked to send the engine to pick up the passengers,” he said.

The minister said passengers who booked the next train ticket from Lahore have received cash from the office of the director of the Pakistan Railways department.

“Trains that operate twice a week on Thursday and Monday are not moving,” Mr. Ahmed.

“India continues to violate fundamental human rights in Kashmir. We will not be mere spectators. Once I become a railway officer, Samjhauta Express will not work,” he said.

Responding to the question, the Ministry said the recent electronic debate has been resolved and predicted that three to six months are needed.

“There may be a war between the two nuclear powers. We do not want the war, and we hope to achieve peace in the region, because the war is dangerous,” the ministry said.

Commenting on the strategy of using Samjhauta Express logos, the ministry said the ports would be integrated with special trains in Karachi Eid al-Fitr to meet the shortage of seats. He added that the two main sections would be integrated with other passenger trains.

He added that the Railways Ministry had created a clean and timely train and that he wanted to make the teacher better.

The sailors refused to board the ship to India

Due to security concerns, Pakistani pilots (brakes and brakes and commuters) at Samjhauta Express on Tuesday ignored India and 109 passengers because they received surveys and analysis from the Indian and India intelligence agency. Life is threatening the police to refuse to accept it.

“We have been doing our job and we bring Lahore’s Samjhauta Express to Attari (India) every Monday and Thursday. On July 25th, we have received the necessary visa for India for 6 months. of the evacuation of the Pakistani army and special squadrons and the operation of the navy, “read a letter from Mohammad Mushtaq and August 6, Mohammad Javaid and pilot Irfan Iqbal.

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