MULTAN: On Thursday, a few days ago, a girl who had accused Jahanian in the MPL-N Punjab parliament for raping and abducting her made her statement before the governor.

Meanwhile, Bahauddin Zakariya police have also filed charges against the MPA for fear that the girls might be kidnapped by lawmakers.

“The girl who came with her mother and brother came to the Center for Violence Against Women police and wrote a statement in front of a spy in accordance with article 164 of the Criminal Procedure Law (CrPC),” Bahauddin Zakariya department said in the morning.

He added that the flight information center representing the girl was raised by police because she “went missing.”

“The girl’s case was recorded by the magistrates and the police received a letter on Friday (today). If they accuse the MPA of raping her and filming her, the police will arrest her,” the State Station (SHO) said.

He previously denied that he had refused to send FIRE to MPA, saying the girl had not received this.

However, a source told Dawn that the girl in her statement denied having been raped.

In accordance with Sections 376, 377 and 365 of the Pakistan Criminal Code, the police have filed objections to FIRA.

Istikhar Gill, a lawyer who went to the Magistrates Court on July 17, said the police did not allow him to meet the girl, who asked the court to instruct the president of the Nishtar hospital to investigate him.

He added that the girl was taken to the lawyer of the suspected MPA, and the assistant to the judges’ conference room represented the girl to the judges.

They say the girl wrote down what she said and the words are of no value.

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