Islamabad: The Federal Toll Committee (FBR) assured investors on Thursday that it would not act on the information provided between CNIC and September 30.

After the FBR ordered the transfer of CNIC during the sale and purchase of the goods, the seller announced the eviction.

Speaking to Dawn, Pakistan’s Anjuman Tajaran President Ajeral Baloch said his party had suspended the call planned after Eid al-Fitr.

Vendors also vigorously oppose the three plans, including ease of tax for merchants, a fixed income tax plan for small shop owners, and issuing business permits to include unlicensed departments in the tax announcement announced by FBR on August 1st.

FBR’s spokesman, Hamid Ateeq, told Dawn on Thursday that “we have assured traders that in the next month and a half, data generated by CNICs for sale and purchase of goods will not be used against them.”

He said the agency would ask traders to submit their CNICs at the time of purchase and sale until the trading process is completed.

Markazi Tanzeem Tajiran Pakistani President Kashif Chaudhry told DFF Chairman Shabbar More to order Dawn to shut down the phone and suspend it, adding that a committee of FBR officials and business representatives was set up to change the tax structure by September 30. Small seller.

In a statement issued after meeting with traders, the FBR said, among other things, that the agreement had been fulfilled, in accordance with the “2001 Income tax Regulation.

The statement added that in order to finalize the plan for the small shop owner, the FBR is considering documents submitted by various retail agencies.

The government has announced plans that include not only the major departments but also the network.

This simple transition tax applies to brokers and sellers who choose to pay taxes in favor of a simple tax regime under unrelated jurisdictions. In addition, the system does not store attachments and will be removed from the certificate.

Those who are not registered with FBR will register the Integrated Risk Information System (Iris) registration form via the FBR page and register under the program. Each submits a simple electronic bill with proof of tax deduction and simple financial statements.

Similarly, FBR notified the small shop owner about special tax procedures.

FBR also issued rules for registering an independent business to obtain licenses. All business should be documented and operated through their regional managers.

FBR publishes a simple search form for anyone engaged in any business, professional or work application to apply for a permit.

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