SRINAGAR: Many government troops are marching on Kashmir under the guidance of India armed. Roads on both sides of the road are open spaces, and metal barriers and drainage lines cut off their neighbors. People were often silent without knowing them.

Just in time for Thursday to talk a little, a popular self-defense tactic kicked in on the fourth day, forcing some journalists to carry the site.

Since New Delhi has considered ending the special status of Jammu and Kashmir and toppling the Himalayan region from state-built land to the region, the most recent loss has killed millions of people.

At Shri Maharaja Hari Singh Hospital in Srinagar, doctors say at least 50 people were injured by bullets and bullets, and gun safety is often used to spread protests. Kashmir’s anger over India’s sovereignty is not new. The cause is that shortly after the independence of India and Pakistan from the United Kingdom in 1947, a United Nations-led referendum was abolished.

In the heart of Srinagar, the main city in the state, a few pedestrians take to their homes, passing by, wearing helmets, wearing military uniforms, and shooting guns and veils.

Shopping centers, retail outlets and even hospitals are closed. In past security battles, neighboring cellars were open for several hours a day, allowing people to buy basic supplies such as milk, corn and baby food. It is not known whether the restaurant is open for new demolition. Citizens are used to keep things to do, which they do on a regular basis during the winter months, while roads and means of communication were welcomed.

The disruption of communication between landlines, cell phones and the internet means that people in Kashmir cannot call or communicate with friends and relatives outside the area, relying on the television and television radio.

4Razir Mir, 32, described Monday when he heard a loud bang and opened his rear door to find his wife, Rabbi, “across the street. There was blood in his eyes,” he said.

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