New Delhi: Women’s rights activists have attacked men online from India.They express their interest in marrying women from Kashmir after abruptly abolishing private rights in disputed territories, making them more attractive.

Until this week, the inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir, the majority of them were Muslims, with the right to own certain things by the state government, and other privileges, even if married women and non-citizens lost these benefits.

But constitutional reforms have placed residents from other parts of India on similar lawsuits.

Many women’s and women’s rights activists oppose comments online, which endorses this change to make it possible to marry Kashmiri.

Independent journalist and activist Rituparna Chatterjee said, “This is sexism,” and an independent journalist and activist who runs a Twitter account about survivors of torture. For centuries, women’s bodies have been fighting for men. Recent comments on Kashmiri women are proof of this. “

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