India’s Kashmir-led crisis may have its global consequences, but the world has not responded to Pakistan’s urgent guidance because things have to be settled. Instead of being criticized altogether, there is a difficult language.

In other countries, other countries, notably the United States and the United Arab Emirates, have brought India’s misconceptions away and removed Kashmir, an anti-international movement, known as “internal affairs”. So far, Saudi Arabia’s mild response has stopped expressing ideas. China is a lifelong ally of Pakistan and has issued a harsh statement, but it only echoes the details of the conflict between Ladakh and India. Turkey has shown “concern” with this and “courage” in Pakistan.

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New Delhi’s kidnapping in the Kashmir-controlled state of India, particularly under the Modi government, has revealed to the world a more recent report than last month.

Instead, on Thursday, UN CEO Antonio Guterres called on India to “take no action that would affect Jammu and Kashmir” and review “Shimla Partners”.

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Despite this, the fact that India’s recent nakedness on Kashmiri has experienced such a situation shows Pakistan’s failure, not just recently, not during the Prime Minister’s time, but also for decades. Inside. Expert scholars are ignored, and the involvement of working-class politicians and thinkers is ignored, supporting conservative policies that hinder evil intentions around the globe and allow military forces to violate Kashmiri ideals.

In addition, in the context of the event, after the Government of India omits Article 370, why does Pakistan look so surprised? Aside from that, one of the main issues of Mr. Modi is on a mission to end Kashmir’s special role.

However, the Pakistani government has not attempted to mobilize foreign governments against this. The fait program is much more difficult to do than the baseline. Even during the recent visit of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the unpredictable idea of ​​President Trump – totally demanding but not because of all the efforts made by the Pakistani delegation – to stand in the center of Kashmir, has brought excitement in the state court. .

Given what has happened in the weeks since then, it is clear that this has not been the fastest reaction that has weakened the past and does not take into account the limited resources that the world now demands from Pakistan.

However, there is no doubt that this country must make its own. More insight into order It is also an undeniable reason to find out how far we have come to seem so distant and needy to associate with. Since Pakistan is strongly opposed to organizations that change its foreign policy and destroy its place in the world, they must develop the most effective way of communication that is best suited to those who are truly qualified for this task.

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