NARENDRA Modi BJP government has launched a backlash for a new issue, which it may not have had before. The defeated people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh are currently in the midst of complete unification, and are facing new pressures on their fundamental rights, including the right to life. Pakistan-India relations have deteriorated and Islamabad has decided to remove its Commissioner from Delhi. After seeing for several months, this happened shortly after the official opening of the country.

In addition to the backlash, it is not surprising that the Modi government has raised the painful betting and the demise of India’s democracy. The overwhelming success in the recent elections has reinforced its ambition to transform India into a more Indian state. Mr Donald Trump later claimed that Modi had called on him to join Pakistan in relation to Kashmir, furthering the fire. Opponents demanded an answer, and after amending Article 370, they found what they wanted.

All that goes a long way, this question is as always. We seem to have entered a period of globalization, the outlook of this country increasingly focusing on economic importance and expansion; the concept of capital – which has not been compromised in recent decades – is being overcome by independent politics in the end. Or is it?

Modi has shown some controversy over these contradictions in a very public demonstration. He joined the government in attracting huge foreign investment, making it the largest in India and becoming prime minister of Gujarat. The development of Gujarat fits in well with the good ideas, in which the free entry and exit of the capital is pleasing to the consumers, while the leading elites of the town have a low reputation for efficient use.

The issue is ongoing in BC

No wonder the Modi government has raised prices.

He is Gujarat’s prime minister, and Modi did one of the most shameful acts in modern India in 2002. Organized Hindu thunderbolts destroyed many Muslim regions, killing thousands and injuring many more. The government of the People’s Party has done this, implying it is unreasonable. Instead, the whole incident has included Modi’s reputation as the man who brought back India’s most beautiful Hindu Raj.

Modi sponsored this at the Prime Minister’s Office in Delhi. In its early years, after the financial crisis of September 2007, during the global financial crisis, he remained true to the word of the internal audit. Despite the economic downturn, middle-class people in India remain loyal to him, but before the election earlier this year, Modi’s miracle of development was not enough to win his election. If the growth of neoliberalism has a middle ground, then its problems are rare, and women are far less likely to work with it. Therefore Modi decided to play a major role in managing the economy while attracting Hinduism. It holds, and for the second time, Modi gets a big license.

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Donald Trump is also offering a similar story. Due to the financial crisis and unemployment of Europeans, he won the 2016 US election and promised to pay back his job.Without, American companies are committed to low-wage countries like China. For decades. In doing so, Trump played a financial card and promised to let his white party rule.

When he took office, he did nothing. There has been no major change in economic policy, just trying to reform trade relations with China – the agreements are more attractive than the bite. With the option of the next US presidential election, Trump has issued a financial card that cast a white paid vote in 2016, and now relies entirely on xulophobic populism to win all white votes. In a way, they are relying on the most advanced politicians to succeed, like India’s Modi.

When the last time the world began the path of self-indulgence – for sure, the financial crisis of the poor, and the biggest challenge was to serve the upper and lower classes – in the 1920s and 1930s, the main benefactor was Mussoorie. Nie’s favor with the Hitler Nazis.

The world today is a different place. But the People’s Party under the leadership of Modi can go a long way to integrating the central core of the primary towns. In Pakistan, the same group also plays a vital role in the worst of the world’s worst nations.

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