Summer deaths have occurred, and it’s a long-term issue as temperatures and humidity rise.

Without Wheezing, it would seem that the best way to get rid of calories (and sweat) is to suffer from this.

Fortunately, Pictures decided to take a quick look at the city’s best food and ice cream.

Cookie Dough Cup from Jay Bee is something to look forward to
Source: foodeophile_
If you do not realize that you leave the long road into Jay Bee Street every night, you obviously don’t care. Jay Bee has been providing soft ice cream for fans, focusing on the right combination.

Note, the soft ice cream is served with a biscuit dough topped with smooth biscuits and chocolate sauce, which tastes good.

A preventive measure

Cost: 180 to 200 rupees

Reduce your calories by Frozi ‘Falsa Blaster Popsicles’
Source: Frozi Facebook
Containing antioxidants, this sweet popsicle will stain the body’s summer goals for smart people. Frozi’s popsicles help you cool, add a little extra to your day and become the best lunch soup.

There are a variety of tastes to choose from, including Peanut Butter Lovers, Lemon Cherry Drops, Eve Twister and Sour Green Mango.

Location: Free home shipping

Cost: 17 rupees per popsicle, order minimum includes 5

Hot Spot’s ‘Strawberry Frozen Yogurt’ has never been more disappointing
Source: Hot Spot Cafe Facebook
The “Hot Spot” is a common place for Lahori children during the day. It may have changed now, but what hasn’t changed is their high salt content, which has never been disappointing. Hot Spot’s Strawberry Frozen Yogurt is not only the best and most popular in history. Because those who know, know.

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