Mayhem in NA over Maryam’s arrest

Islamabad: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari announced on Thursday that PML-N President Maryam Nawaz had been arrested by Parliament, the house had also committed a riot, and made what happened. The irreversible chaos caused the chairman to suddenly relax without taking things for granted. Representative prophet Qasim Suri announced at the end of ….  Read More

Samjhauta Express train service suspended

Islamabad: Islamabad decided on Thursday to suspend the Samjhauta summit between Pakistan and India as part of a plan to remove Delhi’s independence from Kashmir. Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed announced the news at a press conference of the National Press Club. “Before the order was passed, the Samjhauta Express carriers were transported to the ….  Read More

Opposition plans fresh attempt to oust Sanjrani

Islamabad: The failure of Parliament has not weakened the opposition of the opposition to the government because of the crucial vote by Sadik Sanguilani leader last week. The failure of Parliament did not weaken the opposition of the opposition to the government because they wanted to pass a new one. Moving to her, the dawn ….  Read More

Pakistan bans all cultural exchanges with India

Islamabad: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting released a statement saying “No to India” on Thursday and decided to halt cultural exchanges with India, including various stages of the entertainment. “Various Indian products were suspended, and Pemra [Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority] has been advised to exercise caution in this regard and to prohibit the ….  Read More

PTI, PPP trade barbs over sugar mill owners

Islamabad: Estimates of foreign assets from Pakistan are being blamed on Thursday by Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and other Pakistani officials against the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), ranging from $ 200 billion to $ 5 billion due to the high level of political leadership , the protection of sugar shareholders from using their own pricing strategies. Political ….  Read More

Balochistan to take up water issue with Sindh

QuETTA: The Balochistan government decided to negotiate with the Sindh government immediately for the water crisis. At a joint meeting of members of the Baluchistan branch in the Nasirabad office, the legislative delegation whose president Jam Kamal Khan Alyani met with the Sindh Prime Minister. The meeting hosted by the CM also decided to move ….  Read More

Balochistan’s security, uplift to get renewed govt attention

Islamabad: The government plans on Thursday to prioritize the security and development of Balochistan, which is “ignored” by governments in succession. The decision was presented at the first meeting of the Senior National Development Council (NDC), chaired by Prime Minister Iran Khan. Chief of Staff of Gen Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, one of the commissioners, ….  Read More

Islamabad to still open Kartarpur corridor: FM

Islamabad: Foreign Minister Shah Mohamed tweeted on Thursday that Pakistan is still committed to completing and opening the Qatarpur portal. Although its relationship with India has deteriorated after Kashmir’s presence, its support for promoting peace in Afghanistan remains a concern. The result. He spoke at a joint meeting of the National Security Council (NSC) after ….  Read More

Abraaj founder sentenced to 3 years in prison by UAE court: report

According to Bloomberg News on Thursday, Arif Naqvi, chief executive and founder of the Dubai-based private equity firm Dubai Abraaj Capital Ltd, has been sentenced to three years in court in the United Arab Emirates. The letter was based on people familiar with the matter saying that Naqvi was sentenced to life as a prisoner ….  Read More

UN chief calls for ‘maximum restraint’ in occupied Kashmir

UN ambassador Antonio Guterres urged India on Thursday “not to take steps that would affect the status of Jammu and Kashmir.” “The role of the United Nations in the region is governed by the UN Charter and the recommendations of the Security Council,” it said. “The Secretary-General has recalled the India-Pakistan-Pakistan-Pakistan agreement, also known as ….  Read More